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Inground Pools

Basic Package: 

Layout of Pool:  Standard or Custom Specs( )

Z-700+ galvanized 42”wall with deck supports {upgradable}

Concrete shell & perimeter/footing with smooth finish

Skimmer & Two Returns; extra skimmers, step jets, maindrains and in wall suctions available

Backfill: up to a 3 foot excavated area around will be backfilled with clear stone

 (Or High performance bedding).

Underground plumbing in 1.5 inch CSA poly pipe with stainless steel clamps

  And 1.5 inch Flexible PVC;

 upgrade to 2” when additional water flow is needed, ie water features

4×6 Concrete Pad for the basic equipment is included

1Hp Hayward Super Pump (or Pentair SuperFlo); upgrades available to variable speed pumps

24” sand Filter with 25’ flexible backwash line; alternative upgrades available to cartridge

H250,000 btu Heater, with Electronic Ignition & cupronickel heat exchanger{upgradeable}

316L marine grade stainless steel ladder {alternate design, in wall or walk out steps available} ;;

8’ Roman, square or corner step in: blue, grey or white; straight or curved face step (or equivalent); many design options available.   ;

2 12volt in pool lights; colour LED in various sizes available

Lock in Fabrene winter cover with step flap;   Security Covers available

Coping: dual track aluminum to hold liner & winter cover

30mil full print liner

( ;

Maintenance Equipment: Test kit, Vacuum: pole, hose & head; leaf skimmer; & wall brush

Concrete Deck or Subdeck: generally a steel reinforced 4-5” thick concrete deck is included in a package price; usually 10” subdeck to a 3’ finished deck

A Deck Support System for all Concrete decks every 3’ around perimeter of pool

  System consisting of Steel deck supports & sonotubes

Details Included that others may charge extra for:

8’ skid steer access {smaller access available down to 3’6”}

Vermiculite plaster (soft, insulated) bottom (over top of concrete shell)

Widemouth skimmer, second widemouth skimmer or dual maindrain,

Three returns one at the step {upgradeable}

Grey Colour optional on all: Recirculation fittings; ladder treads, full print liner, some light fixtures; some aluminium coping;

In Wall Step; Blue or Grey granite with supports included {upgradable}

Plumbing at pad in a neat & tidy format with Rigid 1.5 & 2-inch schedule 40 PVC

Liquid Solar Blanket Included

Design: Extensive Flexibility when it comes to shape & internal design of the pool

Initial Startup; all salt and or chemicals

1st Winterization to ensure all necessary accessories are supplied and installed the first time

Stone masonry: Professional, experienced, and exquisite work when it comes to water features

  Going the extra mile on detail work.

A penchant for maintaining a neat & tidy work site, whenever possible.

Riptide will deal with minor ground water at no extra charge (i.e. no cave-ins)

Rough grade of access and construction area ready for landscaping.

Underground Pool Bonding Included

1 Year Full warranty

3 year manufacturer’s warranty on all Hayward equipment (from date of installation)

3 year parts & labour on underground plumbing

5 year material & workmanship on Primary Structure: walls, foundation & liner

Portable Items & covers have limited manufacturer’s warranty


There are no hidden charges from riptide on Pool Construction

Circulation, Water Treatment, Lights & Cleaners:;  ;

Common Upgrades:

Residential 3” or Commercial Grade 4” Solar Roller w 13mil Inground grade Solar Blanket ; ;

T-15 Turbocell with Aqua rite XL Basic Salt Chlorination Control & initial salt load


Variable Speed Pumps:

 Hayward Super Pump VS (SP2600vsp) {upgradable}

Hayward Tristar VSPN 1.5 hp pump interfaces with Prologic Control systems

Hayward Ecostar VS  3Hp pump will handle most water features an interface with all    Hayward Controls  

30% more efficient motor, Up to 80% more efficient (depending on use)

   1.5hp Total HP, 600 to 3000 RPM (up to 90 gal min

   Totally enclosed, permanent magnet motor design

   Programmable time for three speed settings

   Customizable prime settings

   “Incredibly quiet operation especially at energy saving lower speeds


Cartridge Filter: C4025; 425 sq. ft. filtration surface area {upgradable}

   Removable cartridges that generally need to be cleaned once a year

   Cartridges last 8 to 10 years

   Can handle up to 150 gpm

Thus accommodating the flow rate of most water features, & spas,

Handles the flow rate of a variable speed pump

Filtration at 10 to 20 microns vs. sand at 20 to 40 microns

No Backwashing & wasting salt or chemicals


Lighting: Multiple Universal ColorLogic 2.5”, 6”or 10” LED Coloured lighting

   2x brighter than any other light, 12v completely safe

   86% less energy than typical incandescent.


Robotic Cleaner {alternative cleaners available)



Stone Coping….


Additional costs:

Access to the yard upon sight inspection( 8’ flat, level & unobstructed preferred)

Debris removal: decks, trees, sheds, garbage, etc.


Toys, Water Features, Upgrade in Equipment

Permits: including:  Building, variances, road occupation, engineering costs and any

 Additional costs arising from demands or specifications of third party groups

Water to fill the pool unless otherwise specified

Landscaping & restoration costs

Fencing: both temporary & permanent

Electrical hook up & inspections

Water to fill Pool initially

Natural Gas or Propane hook up, supply & venting